Your Career

Even when you've done it all, there's more to be done.

It’s just human nature. The most appreciated and accomplished executives can still be taken for granted in their own organizations, leading to overlooked opportunities and overly-restrictive career paths. I can show you how to be seen in a more positive light by senior management, opening up the prospects for personal growth and promotions, adding to your skill set and market value—not just at your current firm, but anywhere you can maximize your value.

Here are the outcomes and skills that will help you navigate towards a great new job and career: 

  • Develop a true understanding of what you are currently doing, and how to articulate your greatest accomplishments
  • Identify your goals and lay out a clear roadmap on how to achieve them.
  • Become comfortable with your personal marketing pitch and develop the best answer to “What do you do?”
  • Know the best way to interact with senior members of your firm to stand out in their minds.
  • Expand your network to include senior-level key influencers and decision makers who will have a direct impact on your career growth.
  • Position yourself as an authority, leveraging your background and skill set to write and post online articles that highlight your expertise.
  • Develop a comfort level with the how and when to request a promotion, and the most effective follow-up process.
  • Negotiate a compensation package that rewards you for your continued employment.
Mark totally changed my career for the better. I wanted to accelerate in my firm, and with Mark I started learning immediately. The results speak for itself—Mark changed the entire trajectory of my career.
— David Schwartz, Attorney, Law Firm