Career coaching works!

But as with all avenues of personal growth, there is one way of working with me that will make the most sense for you and best fit your goals and budget.  Take a look at the following coaching programs- one will be PERFECT FOR YOU! 

3 Sessions Package

After your 3 sessions  you will have:

  • Determined what types of positions would fall into the category of “dream job”.

  • Focused on a target list of positions and companies that you will be proactively pursuing.

  • Developed a networking strategy that will put you in front of the decision-makers and key influencers at those target companies.

  • Completed a highly visible LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed by hiring managers, recruiters and decision-makers.


7 Sessions Package

After your 7 sessions, on top of what you have already learned, you will have:

  • Expanded your network dramatically, including 100+ new connections that will directly impact your job search positively.

  • Started conversations and scheduled meetings with several of those new connections.

  • Become comfortable with how to answer, “What Do You Do?” and have a 15-second “Elevator Pitch” that is ready to use anywhere including the elevator!

  • Developed a series of communications with your network that will lead them to become more interested in you, vs you having to chase them down.


Unlimited Sessions Package (4 Weeks)

This guided, intensive coaching is offered in highly structured four and eight week programs that also feature the ability to pick up the phone and call me directly. There’s even an option to continue this private consultation until you’ve achieved the goals set out at the beginning of the sessions.

After your 4 week unlimited coaching bootcamp you will have:

  • Started to schedule meetings and potentially interviews with your targeted list of companies.

  • Learned interviewing techniques and strategies that will leapfrog you over your competition.

  • Developed the proper way to follow up with hiring managers and recruiters.

  • Seen your confidence and comfort level with your presentation, branding, and abilities to network substantially enhanced.

  • Constructed a professional resume that will represent you as best as possible, but used only on an as-needed basis.

  • Become comfortable negotiating a compensation package that will reward you for your work, but more importantly, what you will be offering long term.

  • As you continue with the unlimited coaching program after the first 4 weeks, you will have:

  • Continued to expand and maintain those contacts so they continue to produce job opportunities.

  • Developed strategies across the job search process that you will be able to use for the rest of your career.

  • Be prepared to start your new job and assimilate successfully onto your new team and company.

I recently decided to transition out of a senior executive position…I originally thought ‘coaches’ were for someone else. After speaking with Mark, I began to recognize that his service was invaluable...I recently accepted an offer that originated from one of Mark’s strategies.
— Robert Virgilio, CFO, Fortune 500 Company
Mark’s approach was to focus first on my skills and interests, not on my specific industry expertise, and develop ideas on where my interests would be engaged and my energies recognized and rewarded. We talked about looking further afield, to something very different but genuinely satisfying both professionally and personally, and about making changes internally that will prove to be more beneficial to myself, my team, and the firm.
— Matthew Bernstein, Managing Director, Investment Bank