Mark makes it very easy for all current and retired athletes to follow his guidance to transition into business. In fact, I’ve been using his strategies now to boost my current speaking business. You will see that Mark’s tips will benefit you not just now but for years to come.
— Theo Fleury, NHL All-Star - Olympian
“Mark asked me to join a panel discussion surrounding the transition from student-athlete to next steps, as I was a Division 1 women’s hockey player at Colgate University, and we played in the NCAA Championship Game in 2018. Over the course of a few calls he had transformed my LinkedIn profile to present my athletic mindset in a business-like manner, given me a much higher level of confidence when growing my network, and best of all, offered it in a way that made me feel at ease with his approach, all while sharing several laughs along the way. The advice that stood out was how the traits that I have developed as an athlete can be used to great advantage in any non-athletic setting. He was able to help me develop a more professional mindset in regards to my career path, and he was able to offer insightful suggestions on how to reach my current career goals. I strongly encourage all athletes, both current and retired, to reach out to Mark!”
— Kaila Pinkney - NCAA Division 1 Hockey and Professional
“After over a decade of training and competing, I retired from sport in 2004 as an Olympian in rowing. Like many athletes, I found the transition into the working world to be quite challenging. Mark’s insightful methodology demystifies the process and makes it easy for any athlete to approach what is typically the very difficult transition from sport to career. Mark provides an easy to follow roadmap for helping athletes translate the characteristics that made them successful on the field to those that will make them successful in business. .”
— Garrett Klugh
“Mark has an impressive ability to connect with athletes from all backgrounds and he’s clearly passionate about helping others. I was fortunate to meet Mark at a time when I was unsure how to bridge the gap between my playing career and the next chapter in my life. Thanks to Mark’s continued coaching and guidance, I found my way. I’ve learned how to present my strengths and use my athletic background as a tool for succeeding in the job market.”
— Annika Zalewski - NCAA Division 1 Hockey and NWHL
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Mark truly understands what is required to get an athlete up off the couch and into the office and delivers his tips in an easy step-by-step way that we can all absorb and use immediately.
— Kevin Dahl, NHL and Olympian
Whether you are an athlete looking for your dream job or a coach or the parents of an athlete, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of ‘WIN AGAIN!’, or even better, hire Mark directly to make a lasting impact on you!
— Ruben Gonzalez - Olympian, Author, Speaker
The insight that Mark shared about finding opportunities, following up, LinkedIn and negotiating offers really resonated with me. It wasn’t easy finding my way after retiring from the Olympics and having Mark as a job search coachwill only help going forward for the rest of my career.
— Keeth Smart- Olympian
I recently decided to transition out of a senior executive position I held for 15 years without a job to move to...I originally thought ‘coaches’ were for someone else. After speaking with Mark, I began to recognize that his service was invaluable... I recently accepted an offer that originated from one of Mark’s strategies.
— Robert Virgilio, CFO, Fortune 500 Company
Mark’s experience as a career coach as well as working with current and former athletes helps him to highlight key emotions players face when leaving the game. The reality of all sports careers is that no matter how much money you make you’ll want to have a second career. Mark lays out in detail how to market yourself in a modern age, how to build a network, and how to turn your secondary passions and interests into jobs. I recently retired after an 11-year career as a professional hockey player and Mark’s advice couldn’t have come at a better time.
— Jon Landry- NHL
As a professional athlete, it isn’t an easy transition moving from something that you love and have done your whole life to starting all over and finding a new career in your mid 30’s. It is a challenge in so many ways. This is why I strongly recommend that every athlete, whether active or retired, take advantage of Mark’s immense knowledge and experience and go through his Career Coaching Program. His coaching is personalized, thorough, and gives you a plan on how to network in a smart and professional way.
— Greg Johnson, NHL and Olympian
Mark is a real professional… His advice is practical and thoughtful—and it works… You want him as part of your team when you are in transition or even just contemplating a transition.
— Michael Gordon, Division Head - Fortune 50 Company
Mark provided veterans with the strategies and tactics to successfully find career opportunities…He is a patriot who has provided his 25 years of experience to help those who have sacrificed so much for our country.
— Scott Wright, Wounded Warrior Project
Mark…took my unique interests to heart to find the next step in my career. Not only did he find a job that was appealing to my career interests, but he also ensured that I was ready to land the role
— Anthony DiMatteo, Director, Financial Market Solutions
Mark gave me help where no one else could! He went over and above what I expected and gave me some invaluable information and has helped me and my business greatly. He has a brilliant knack of giving the right balance of praise (where it’s due) and constructive suggestions where to improve.
— Bryony Ganf, Business Owner
What I value most is Mark’s ability to provide practical advice for mid-career job hunters and career changers. Many alumni of our programs are eager to leverage their degrees in new profession, but may not be sure how best to market themselves. Mark gave powerful examples to highlight the importance of networking… His enthusiasm and ability to communicate are infectious…
— Larry Mantrone, Founder and Managing Director - Adaptyze LLC
Mark dedicated an extraordinary amount of time to make sure that I had all of the tools to perform well. So well in fact that in just about a month I had over a dozen interviews.
— Yegor Zubarev, Student-Veteran