Not too many people get the chance to present their ideas in front of Daymond John,

but today’s guest, Anthony Gair, had that opportunity, and he nailed it.  When Anthony first reached out to me via LinkedIn, I was truly impressed by all he had accomplished at such a young age, and realized that his story should be a model for all student-athletes making the transition from their sport into their next career..


Anthony was one of the very few student athletes who was able to balance his academics, social life, and football playing in college, all while developing and growing Track Slides,

his patented product designed to protect athletic cleats from damage. Not only was his product one of the winning presentations in University of Iowa’s business pitch competition, but he was offered guidance and support from Daymond John, not too shabby! His entrepreneurial spirit remains strong, as he has developed another business, Puzzle Greetings, and all of this while maintaining a full time job at a Fortune 500 technology firm!


Anthony and I dish out plenty of advice for student-athletes,

and I give Anthony some pointers on how to increase his products’ exposure using social media, especially LinkedIn. You will certainly be inspired by Anthony’s journey, and can see how the sky's the limit for him! Happy listening!

antnhony gair splice-03.png


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 2:00

  • Born and Raised -3:00

  • A Man of Many Trades -5:50

  • Level Up - 7:56

  • I O W A  -9:27

  • Thinking Ahead, Fueling that Entrepreneurial Spirit -10:48

  • Stick to the Schedule -14:00

  • Daymond John -15:30

  • Track Slides -18:07

  • Getting a Patent- 20:00

  • Looking Toward the Future- 22:30

  • Puzzle Readings  -25:40

  • Present Day Endeavors -26:20

  • Wise Words- 28:20

  • Only 24 and Going So Far- 32:30

  • Hit Your Mark- 35:50

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