Having been an avid sports memorabilia collector since I was a kid, I have known of my guest today, Brandon Steiner, for 20+ years, and as head of Steiner Sports..


he’s been a pioneer within the sports marketing and promotion space, creating a new vehicle for athletes to grow beyond their sport. I was thrilled to have corralled Brandon for this episode, as he shares so much advice on being an entrepreneur, how to be a truly successful athlete, and so much more!    

We dug into his current book, “Living On Purpose”, drawing from his three decades of experiences within the sports industry.


In the book, Brandon covers what he considers to be the three “foundational pillars of a satisfying and fulfilling existence: Faith (in yourself and others), Fortune (dreaming BIG and following it through), and Fitness (making positive lifestyle changes)”. You’ll hear about Brandon’s rise from his childhood in Brooklyn, hurdling nearly insurmountable odds to study at Syracuse University, and parlaying what he developed with sports bars and more into what became a multi-million $ company.


Brandon has faced the challenges of running a company with true grit,

and has understood that the highs can be temporary, that you need to keep on grinding. You will learn so much from this advice and inspiration-packed episode!

Happy Listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:00

  • Don’t Settle for Ordinary - 3:45

  • “Nobody who was as Poor as Me had the Balls to even apply to Syracuse” - 9:15

  • Business Grind - 12:30

  • Three things to be a Successful Entrepreneur - 15:38

  • A Strict Money Grab - 20:00

  • Turn it up a Notch - 22:00

  • Thinking Ahead, Thinking Big, Thinking Different - 26:30

  • A Big Risk and a Huge Break - 28:00

  • The Experience is Bigger than just the Game - 32:30

  • The Best of the Best Stadiums - 34:30

  • Starting your Day with Significance - 36:37

  • Players aren’t Educated about their Brand - 40:40

  • The Reality of a Player’s Life - 44:45

  • The League Has Got to Get Its Act Together - 47:30

  • If you Live Your Life in the Past your Life will be History - 49:40

  • Helping People is not a Burden, It’s An Opportunity - 53:55

  • Take Care of Yourself First - 56:50

  • Hit Your Mark - 59:14

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