Turning dirt to gold. That is what Brian Doyle, today’s guest on my #MakeYourMark podcast is doing.

As a professional rugby player, Brian was keenly aware of the physical struggles it took to endure to be successful for so many years. But it was a serious injury years ago that created that light bulb moment that is quickly becoming the go to exercise equipment for core training and recovery.


Brian has combined his keen understanding of the importance of maintaining balance in your core, increasing your endurance and stamina, and developing a product that is easy to use, transport, and get used to, along with a stellar support system to create Axius Core.

Just a few minutes a day using it’s wide variety of capabilities will lead to a dramatic improvement in your foundational strength and healthier joints.

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Brian and I covered his switch from basketball to rugby, what brought him into the incredibly competitive world of exercise equipment, and how he hopes to have a product in the same league as Peloton and others, and I’m certain that Axius will get there.

Make sure you listen to Brian’s transition from athlete to entrepreneur!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:30

  • New York state (born and raised) - 1:09

  • Basketball background - 3:23

  • Basketball to Rugby transition - 4:27

  • First game experience - 8:30

  • The hook: Can I do it? - 9:38

  • Being part of a real team - 10:20

  • Culture of the game - 10:40

  • Still a new professional game - 15:20

  • After graduating, now what? -16:34

  • Receiving the first cap in Rugby - 18:30

  • First injury - 20:17

  • Launching the product-Axius Corp - 22:49

  • Building the product - 28:40

  • Opening up market possibilities - 31:20

  • Business development - 32:12

  • Helping people achieve their goals - 34:45

  • Creating different models of the product - 36:00

  • Explaining the “why?” instead of the “what?” - 40:35

  • Associate long-term health with Axius product - 42:00

  • Commercial Market - 43:50

  • Different outcomes - 45:00

  • Being an entrepreneur and rugby athlete - 49:26

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 53:03

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