It all started when…


He recorded a song for Elvis Presley. Yes, that Elvis. The King. At just the age of 21 to boot. But my guest today, Chris Christian, didn’t stop there. 2000 songs, 100 albums, discovering Amy Grant, and a Wikipedia page chock full of accomplishments has led Chris to release a collection of his experiences titled “A Grandmother’s Prayer”. Mixed in with all these stories are valuable lessons that we should all heed!





Chris has recorded music with an enormous array of musicians, owned a TV / movie production studio, and oh, right, happens to be a co-owner of the WNBA’s Dallas Wings.

This man has accomplished so much so far, and he’s still going at it, 40+ years after Elvis recorded his song. The timing couldn’t be better, as “A Grandmother’s Prayer” is available on December 10th, a book filled with one great story after the next, and lessons learned and advice offered!


So many amazing stories in this episode!

How about having lobster for breakfast courtesy of Wayne Newton? Sharing a 5 hour flight with George Harrison? How Robert Kardashian (yes, dad to the you know who’s) was his best friend, manager, and signed him to a new record contract. Best of all, how Elvis sought his approval. I can’t express how much of a pleasure it was to have Chris as my guest!  Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

Intro/ Chris Christian in the building - 2:00  

A Grandmothers Prayer -3:30

The beginning of an incredible journey- 4:20

The first encounter with the King of Rock and Roll- 6:25

“What did you think about what I did with your song?”- Elvis Presley - 8:39

Just the beginning -10:30

A Man of Faith-12:00

Elvis didn’t want to miss heaven on a technicality- 13:00

Why me? - 14:00

The Answer to my Grandmother's Prayer- 15:00

Contemporary Christian music - 17:30

Signing Amy Grant at 16 years old- 20:10

Chris Christian the Producer - 24:00

Robert Kardashian and L.A- 25:04

I just want to be creating/ A small town guy at heart-26:10

PSA: Book release- 27:12

Wayne Newton: the greatest performer- 29:00

Kids came into the picture- 32:30

Buying a movie studio- 33:34

A call from Radio Shack to an integrated media company- 35:20

Not a book but a whole movement- 37:00

Only one real regret- 39:20

Other amazing encounters - 41:00

Definition of Success- 43:12

Hit Your Mark - 43:53

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