Every elite athlete knows how hard it is to reach the pinnacle of their sport, the amount of training, effort, time and commitment necessary to get there.

My guest on today’s #MakeYourMark podcast, Chris Hale, is a great example of how you can overcome tremendous odds to make it onto the big arena that is professional sports. What those of us who may watch the game from the stadiums or on TV don’t realize is what the athletes have to go through to be ready for those few moments on the field, and Chris shines a spotlight on that, and so much more!

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This episode flows so well: you’ll get great guidance and advice from Chris and I on what you can do to be prepared for life after sport, and how important it is to have a plan B while you are in the midst of plan A!


Make sure to give this a listen, as you’ll also hear how you can end up with a free copy of my job search playbook for athletes, Win Again!

Chris is an awesome guy with a super personality, this is a super episode to tune in to! Happy Listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Intro - 2:00

  • Being in LA - 3:00

  • A 9-Year old with Big Dreams - 6:47

  • It seemed like there was no chance - 9:05

  • I had to Fight my Way in Football to Prove I could do it -11:59

  • I Quit for a Year - 14:00

  • Decided to give it One More Shot - 15:00

  • An all-American in Junior College - 16:00

  • Ended up with America’s Team - 16:50

  • A Lot of Luck involved - 19:04

  • Advice for Current Student-Athletes - 21:00

  • Make it your Priority - 25:41

  • The Moment I found out I was Going To Be a Pro - 28:02

  • Even when you Make the team it’s a Constant Battle - 33:00

  • I was the only one to make the team on defense - 34:00

  • Fueled my fire - 35:47

  • An athlete Never Says It’s Time to Go - 38:20

  • Out of Football Forever - 41:00 

  • Preparing for Life After the Game - 44:47

  • When the Obstacles Come - 48:07

  • Go Back to your School - 49:50

  • The Skills an Athlete Has Over Others in the Business World - 51:52

  • Broadcasting - 53:42

  • Hit Your Mark - 59:11