What impresses me the most about Cody Royle, my guest on today’s podcast, is how clearly he sees through all the BS in the corporate world, and is able to pinpoint what truly drives great leaders, what makes them compete and win, and how they continue to produce a winning team, whether it be on the field or in the boardroom.



Cody has been an elite athlete for most of his life, starting with Australian Rules Football, which he describes as a much more exciting sport than rugby, American football, and soccer combined. (ok, I may have embellished, but it truly is an exciting sport!). He is also an extreme sports fanatic, as evidenced by his company which he co-founded, NTSQ Sports Group, and he coaches the Canadian national team for Aussie Rules Football.


In this podcast, you will learn about best practices for recruiting, both for sports and business, how going against the flow will lead to success, and as much as we each share tons of advice for you, I was happy to learn that doing squats while standing at my desk will give me six-pack abs faster and easier than doing 100s of sit ups. Thanks Cody!  Make sure you tune into this episode, you will jump ahead of your competition with these tips!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:58

  • Cody’s Background and Current Work - 4:44

  • The “Bridgewater Approach” the Ins and Outs of Recruitment - 7:45

  • The Vulnerable Job Ad - 14:00

  • What Makes a Strong Coach/Leader? - 17:56

  • Aussie Rules Football - 28:23

  • NTSQ - Endurance Sports Marketing - 38:12

  • Learning How to Win - 40:30

  • Three Time-Efficient Fitness Tips -  42:52

  • “Hit Your Mark” - 50:22

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 56:03

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