Can you imagine only having enough money to afford a one-way bus ticket, and going someplace you’ve never been, with no idea if you’ll be welcomed when you get there?

Today’s Mark Your Mark podcast guest, Corey Jackson, not only was in that spot, but has turned what little he had at that point twenty years ago into playing in the NFL and running a successful business. And this is one journey you’ll want to listen to!


Corey has truly made the most of his opportunity,

and as you will hear in this episode, he shows how focusing completely on basketball, becoming a top collegiate player, and almost by complete accident jumping into football, led him to starting his own company, Qwerkz. He has created an App that makes it easy for athletes to have access to products and service providers that can be trusted. Corey is everywhere on LinkedIn and other social media, offering inspirational messaging and advice for entrepreneurs and athletes making that transition into business.


an uplifting story of someone beating the odds to be where he is today.

YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY THIS STORY, the ideal guest for the #MakeYourMark Podcast!

Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:40

  • Growing up in south carolina - 2:55

  • Going behind the scenes - 5:30

  • Losing is the hardest thing to do/learning how to lose - 6:20

  • Academic Difficulties - 7:00

  • Figuring out how to do it, and how to get things done - 9:50

  • Not living the life you want to live - 11:30

  • Applying for school - 12:47

  • How are you gonna pay for it - 15:10

  • We want you on the team-Life changing - 16:30

  • Training the whole team - 18:25

  • I became a leader - 19:45

  • You're my favorite player but you're playing the wrong sport - 21:20

  • Long story, short - 22:45

  • I'm nobody but they know me (getting out on the field) - 24:50

  • Anything is possible - 25:56

  • I took off like a rocket - 27:00

  • I'll go there and kill it - 32:00

  • Giving up the half million - 33:00

  • The transition - 34:00

  • Trying to fund my lifestyle - 36:10

  • Talking about retired athletes and how to help them - 41:00

  • Starting a new company - 42:25

  • Where do you wanna take it in the next 5-10 years? - 43:55

  • Staying on top of the game - 47:00

  • Follow on social media - 48:15

  • Hit Your Mark - 49:20


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