Corey Mays

I’m easily impressed with athlete’s accomplishments on the field of play, but not so much once they leave the game, as many tend to wait too long to get their post-career steps going. My guest today, Corey Mays, is quite the opposite, as he immersed himself fully into being prepared for the eventuality of retirement, and has become a role model for current athletes to emulate.




Corey was fortunate enough to play football at Notre Dame, signed as an undrafted free agent and played four years in the NFL, and prepared himself for his post-playing days by enrolling in business and finance-related classes and working in internships while in college. He launched his angel investment firm, A-Maysing Enterprises LLC in 2013, through which he invests in a variety of businesses, including uStadium (a sports social media app), BuildMyStay (a travel concierge software platform), Vice District Brewing in Chicago, Heritage Link Brands (a wine importer), and Love Cork Screw (a wine brand). Corey also took the step of pursuing his MBA, graduating this past May from Notre Dame once again.


You’ll learn so much from our talk, especially if you are considering jumping into the waters of entrepreneurship, or you are an athlete wondering how to start preparing for your life after the game. Corey has a great personality, is funny and engaging, and offers superb advice throughout. Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

Intro- 2:00  

What sparked Corey’s interest to play football- 2:41  

Notre Dame - 5:30

Preparing for all outcomes - 7:21

Corey’s next step- 8:10

Something's got to give- 9:21

Realizing your worth as an athlete- 10:30

The point Corey realized he could go pro- 12:30

Playing for Bill Belichick- 14:15

Recognizing the end is near- 15:28

Ready to let go- 16:28

Staying sharp in the corporate/ entrepreneurial space -17:22

Corey’s got the energy- 18:34

Smart Cities- 19:36

What’s on the horizon for Corey Mays- 22:00

Advice for the Entrepreneur- 24:05

Expenses and Networking- 25:00

Everyone brings something different to the table- 28:00

NFL Players Association- 30:06

Head Trauma in Sports- 33:00

Helping Athletes Win Again- 37:00

How to peak Interest- 40:30

Don’t sell yourself, allow yourself to be bought- 42:00

Hit Your Mark- 43:14

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