It was a stroke of luck that Dan Hunt, head football coach of Colgate University, my alma mater, was happy to be meet with me for a live #MakeYourMark podcast recording on campus.

As you will hear in this episode, he’s a successful coach, a great guy, and just about the best hire a storied team rich in tradition and history could hope for.


Hearing how Dan approaches recruiting, finding not just solid football players, but young men who are respectful, smart, and exhibit clearly the long term potential of success in whatever they end up doing.

Over the course of this podcast, there were so many pearls of wisdom and advice that clearly make an impact that I had trouble whittling them down for this summary!


Dan and I shared a ton of laughs, this is what happens when you put two Seinfeld fans in the same recording studio!

Meeting the Beatles, avoiding concussions, we covered it all! A top 3 episode easily, give this a listen!

Check out the full episode on youtube


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 02:35

  • Growing up in Canajoharie - 3:40

  • Being a Three-Sports Athlete - 4:04

  • A Coach for sure! - 6:00

  • Choosing Colgate - 7:54

  • Becoming a Head Coach - 8:45

  • You Have to Work to Win - 9:50

  • That Is a Colgate Person! - 12:03

  • What Makes a Better Recruitment Experience? -13:25

  • With Tradition comes Responsibility - 15:05

  • Screaming Loud in the Fargodome - 21:50

  • Running into the National Champs - 22:35

  • Weather vs Climate - 26:37

  • Not Everyone Goes to the NFL - 31:53

  • Be Someone They Can Trust! - 36:25

  • Life After Football - 38:45

  • Hit Your Mark - 42:30

  • Favorite Seinfeld Episode - 44:05

  • Football Under Attack - Concussions - 45:40

  • Dispelling Football Stereotypes - 47:10

  • Wish I Had Invented the Keurig - 49:00

  • Hanging out with Jimmy Buffett - 51:10

  • Meeting Ringo Starr - 53:00

  • Wrapping Up - Read Win Again! 57:45

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