For those born with a disability, the race of life can begin much farther back than the start line.


But it’s how that race is run that truly separates people, and my guest today, Dave Stevens, is a clear winner in every sense. Dave has faced adversity every day of his life, and not only has he shown grace, humility, toughness and grit throughout, but has done so with a smile on his face. After all, how many of us can say we’ve accomplished what he has in the last year alone?   

Dave was born without legs, and incredibly is the only athlete to ever play college football or minor league baseball as a congenital amputee.

He has overcome obstacles that you and I would never have to consider, and on top of his amazing athletic achievements, has also won seven (yes, 7!) Emmy awards for his work as a sports broadcasting professional!


This episode is especially important if you have connections within the diversity and inclusion space,

as Dave underscores how critical proper education is to understanding diversity, starting with our youth and continuing into the corporate world. Dave has such a warm personality, you will learn so much from this episode, and will leave it inspired, and certainly feeling more comfortable understanding the perspective of those with a disability. I’m thrilled I had the chance to have Dave on….happy listening!  



Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:00

  • Who is Dave? - 3:35

  • Adopted Into an Incredible Family - 6:10

  • I’m going to play sports despite physical adversity - 8:40

  • I wanted to play professional baseball and I wanted to be on TV - 11:00

  • “That’s Incredible!” TV Show - 13:00

  • Personality / Reputation Goes A Long Way - 20:00

  • Disability Channel - 23:18

  • Education is Key to Understanding Diversity - 26:30

  • I’m A Normal Guy - 30: 37

  • DaveStevensSpeaks.com - 33:30

  • Grow Your Network - 37:00

  • The Future of Sports - 44:20

  • You know what you're in for with the NFL, but they need to develop a lifetime warranty - 48:20

  • Hit Your Mark - 49:20

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