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There’s nothing that stops us in our tracks than a sudden illness or injury, but sometimes going through a steady decline without knowing it can be even worse.

In today’s episode with Eric Kussin, we cover the very serious and increasingly relevant topic of mental health, and how the stigma attached needs to be lifted and tossed aside. Eric is doing wonders in this space, and I’m thrilled to be shining a spotlight on what he’s doing.



As a great benefit to getting to know Theo Fleury, NHL All Star and Olympian, he invited me to attend the official launch last November here in NYC of “We’re All a Little Crazy”,

the global mental health alliance founded by Eric Kussin, bringing together athletes and entertainers from around the world to increase awareness of the mental health struggles that so many people face quietly. In just one year, Eric has made the simple yet powerful sign language for “Same Here” an international symbol, and it’s only getting stronger and bigger!


This is an episode you need to hear, especially if you know anyone (including yourself) who has gone through any sort of mental trauma.

Eric walks us through his years in the sports industry, his harrowing account of his descent into his depths of mental health, and his subsequent recovery. Please do what you can to support his movement, and take what you can out of this uplifting and inspiring episode!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 2:00

  • The beginning of Eric’s Journey- 3:55

  • An intern at the NBA- 7:50’

  • Leveraging an expertise - 9:00

  • Working for specific teams/ learning the team business- 10:26

  • A shift in gears/ a sudden curveball - 13:29

  • The struggle to get out of bed- 16:00

  • There is no magic pill 17:00

  • Just a body, with no reaction- 22:10

  • A wake up call - 23:26

  • Healing your system- Integrated Psychology -25:10

  • Spreading the word -30:49

  • A story gone VIRAL -32:00

  • Everyone has something-34:00

  • We’re All a little Crazy- 35:00

  • Theo Fleury- 36:00

  • Athletes Supporting the cause- 38:30

  • The Power of the words Same Here- 40:00

  • The Future -42:00

  • Closing Remarks- 44:00


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