There are so many pathways to becoming an Olympian that have started in a different direction,

and today’s guest, Garrett Klugh, certainly never set out to be at the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. He had his sights set on volleyball, and a variety of other sports, before he realized as a collegian that his path to athletic success was rowing a boat with his teammates. I am always impressed with what someone does after they leave their sport, and Garrett has continued that athlete’s mindset into entrepreneurship with great success!

Garrett and I go back a couple of years, as I was drawn to our shared interest in helping athletes take their next steps, especially as entrepreneurs,

and he’s one of these guys that is truly in his favorite place when giving others those a-ha moments that lead them to their next steps. Between Athens and NYC he has been a policeman in San Diego, a professor in Colorado, continued services to his fellow Olympians,all leading to his current work with Falk Ventures, and of course, the Huddle.


We cover tons of ground in this episode, including numerous tips for athletes considering starting their own business, and how founders can make a greater impact.

Give this one a careful listen, and be prepared to take note!

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Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Where it all began - 3:45

  • Rowing wasn’t even on my mind - 7:00

  • The Spark of a Passion - 8:30

  • Gaining an advantage - 12:45

  • Rowing His Way to the Olympics - 15:00

  • Hustling for an Income - 21:00

  • Understanding the Competition - 26:30

  • How to take the Programs to the Next Level - 33:25

  • Every Day I felt like I was Putting on a Costume - 38:35

  • Nobody Knew What to do with Me - 44:25

  • How to Identify your Next Passion - 51:45

  • The Huddle - 57:10

  • Hit Your Mark - 60:40


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