If you are a current or retired athlete, this is the episode to listen to! The #MakeYourMark Podcast focuses on guests who are inspiring and are making an impact.

My guest today Grant Clitsome is using his NHL experiences to help build a program designed for athletes to transition out of their sport easier. Talk about finding my sweet spot! We could have gone on for hours on such a critical topic!


Grant had to retire earlier than he had hoped because of a back injury, but he has taken advantage of his athletic mindset, and been able to recreate the daily structure that was such a critical part of his athletic career and turn it into the “After The Game” program.


I’m excited to collaborate with Grant and elevate the athletes that he’s working with, showing them all that they have an incredibly bright future ahead of them after they leave their sport.

Make sure you give this episode a listen, especially if you are closing in on the end of your career, or have retired from your sport. Send me your experiences, would like to hear from you!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode: 

4:29 “When there was no snow on the whole lake you could just skate for miles and miles” [Growing up in northern Ontario]

8:02 “I was woken up by my mom knocking on my door saying, ‘the Columbus Blue Jackets are on the phone’” [NHL draft experience]

10:37 “The pep bands and the whole student section - it was love at first sight...I wanted to make sure I had a backup plan and I had my education” [Decision to play college hockey]

12:43  “It came down to opportunity and the ability to play and be able to develop” [Attending Clarkson University]

16:18 “That was kind of a moment where I said to myself, ‘okay maybe I can do this’” [Realizing that pro hockey was within reach] 

19:35 “I didn’t sleep for a second. There was no way I was falling asleep” [First NHL call up]

21:57 “Wrist shot top corner on was pretty cool having everyone there to see it” [First NHL goal]

24:38 “I was looking forward to a fresh opportunity and being able to re-establish myself” [Trade to Winnipeg] 

26:34 “It just didn’t heal the same way and the doctors recommended I stop playing” [Conclusion of hockey career] 

29:28 “You kind of go from feeling totally sheltered and supported to just feeling like ‘okay, now what’” [Adjusting to new life]

31:06 “I like wine a lot, and I like to learn. So I thought, ‘what better thing to learn about’?” [Post hockey endeavors]

37:45 “Every athlete goes through some sort of major adjustment” [Involvement with the After the Game Program]

45:46 “It can always be better. There can always be more engagement and more awareness” [Resources provided by the NHL] 

50:10 “Get them working on it while they’re still playing, to me that’s the ultimate goal” [The objectives of the ONE Sports’ transition program] 

52:25 “An athlete brings so much more to the table than they often realize” [Leveraging your athletic background]

53:53 Hit Your Mark

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