Play ball! Having a career in baseball for over 30 years just sounds like a great way to earn a living, and my guest today on the #MakeYourMark podcast, Jeff Idelson, has been the President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY for 11 years!

Not only has he presided over an exciting time in baseball history, but he’s made his impact on America’s pastime, and he has great stories to tell!


Jeff’s career in baseball has spanned from selling hotdogs in Fenway Park, to working for the Boss, George Steinbrenner,

and 25 years in Cooperstown, and we cover a wide range of baseball topics, including the chances of Pete Rose along with those suspected of steroid use to be inducted into the Hall, and the incredible HOF Class of ‘19!


This episode was special for me as it stirred up some great memories I have within baseball, including little league, trading baseball cards, and attending the Hall of Fame.

This is a perfect listen for the season!



Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 2:03

  • Early Gravitating into Baseball - 3:13

  • Landing with the Red Sox - 5:37

  • Working With the Enemy, the Yankees - 8:46

  • Taking Advice From The Boss - 11:58

  • Changing My Lifestyle - 13:37

  • The Hall of Fame! - 14:58

  • I Am The Baby Boomer - 17:01

  • Becoming the President - 20:14

  • Old Timers Game - 23:18

  • Should Pete Rose be in The Hall? - 29:23

  • What would you change in the game? - 30:59

  • It’s All About Power! - 32:31

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 37:50


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