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When you think of an NFL player, it's 6’5” and 240 lbs or more. Imagine being barely 5’10”, not even 160 lbs, and playing a 9-year career!

My guest on today’s #MakeYourMark podcast, JJ Birden, discusses his unexpected rise into the NFL, lessons learned from Joe Montana, and his successful sales and speaking businesses. Throw in a house full of kids, and you have quite the episode! 


What stands out about JJ is his passion to teach his audience about the critical importance of seizing opportunities when presented, of taking the leap and going for your dreams.

We’ve all heard of those who we wonder “How did that person get there, that makes no sense?!”...JJ teaches us how to become that person!


We had a superb conversation, and JJ is one of the truly nice guys who wants the best for whoever he interacts with!

You’ll get plenty of advice from both of us in this episode, happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 02:05

  • Born and raised in Portland - 4:15

  • The Buzzing Program - 5:35

  • Let’s try The Long Jump! 7:25

  • Embracing the opportunity - 10:35

  • Proving them wrong - 12:13

  • Getting injured - 17:30

  • Meeting Joe Montana - 20:05

  • Life After Football - 22:27

  • Being an Entrepreneur  - 24:49

  • Running my Own Business - 26:45

  • Building the Signature Key Note- 29:20

  • You’ll Do Whatever it Takes! - 32:00

  • Believing in your Mission and Journey - 35:20

  • Speaking from the Heart - 37:59

  • Getting to Know People - 44:05

  • A Family of Eight! - 46:13

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 52:05


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