Speaking with Olympians as part of my Make Your Mark podcast is always an honor, as they exemplify sportsmanship and the competitive spirit.

It can be hard to imagine how four years of preparation will decide whether you end up on the podium or not, but getting there is such an achievement. My guest today, Joe Jacobi, not only won the first ever gold medal for the USA in his sport, but has taken that victory and turned it into a mindset that has helped countless people move forward in their pursuits.


Joe has been coaching and inspiring professionals and entrepreneurs

to become not only better leaders, but more importantly, better colleagues, honing their skills at collaboration in order to get to the finish line with the best results. I’m really impressed with his ability to level the playing field by bringing co-workers out on the river and letting them learn how to work best as a team.


As you will hear, Joe is so easy-going, and our episode flowed so well,

with tons of leadership and networking advice from both of us throughout, definitely an hour worth your time, you will learn so much! Thanks Joe!


Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Intro- 2:04

  • Start your Canoes - 4:25

  • Training with the Champions- 7:40

  • International competing- 9:30

  • “I just wanted to keep getting better” -14:30

  • Qualifying for the Olympics/ More Than Just a River- 17:30

  • THE Olympics - 21:00

  • Two Race Runs and Done -23:30

  • Crossing the finish line- 27:00

  • The Competitors- 29:00

  • Medal Mentality - 30:40

  • Incredible Lessons Learned carrying on into being a Performance Coach- 34:35

  • Bringing Business execs to the river-  36:00

  • Correcting Mistakes- 39:00

  • The Point of it all- 40:00

  • The Transition from Athlete to Business- 45:00

  • Hit your Mark- 49:25

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