Everyone is drawn to stories of success and perseverance by athletes on the field,

but I appreciate them even more if they continue that success off the field once an athlete has left his or her game. My guest today is J.R. Tolver, former NFL wide receiver and entrepreneur, who prepared himself for his life after football while he was still playing, and is a fantastic role model for athletes and non-athletes.


J.R.’s path to where he is now has winded through a variety of places, including San Diego, Miami, Dallas, and Calgary, and through a few ventures,

including companies he started within waste management and owning his own insurance practice, and he has cultivated many lessons along the way. We share many of those with you, including guidance for athletes still playing, and some clear pointers on a basic money management you need to follow!


Many thanks to J.R. for being on my podcast, as we covered such a wide array of topics surrounding starting a business, making smart decisions, and how to position yourself for success for years to come.

This episode is for anyone at a crossroads, trying to decide if you should take the plunge into the often turbulent waters of entrepreneurship. I am sure this will be an episode you’ll want to listen to until the very end. Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:56

  • Tolver’s Athletic Beginnings - 3:41

  • Tolver’s Professional Football Career - 9:33

  • Transition out of Football - 15:42

  • Three Pieces of Advice for Current Players - 19:28

  • Personal Lessons Learned in Business - 20:58

  • Challenges in Growing a Business - 27:02

  • Tolver’s Big Picture Goals - 32:06

  • Insurance Tips for Athletes - 33:56

  • Actionable Business Strategies - 37:32

  • “Hit Your Mark” - 41:00

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 44:34

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