“I am more than just a tennis player!” exclaims today’s guest on my #MakeYourMark podcast, Kady Pooler.

This is a common refrain from the majority of the athletes who I have met, coached and interviewed, and for non-athletes, it can be hard to understand. Kady lays out why it’s so critical for an athlete to expand their identity, to develop other areas of interest, as this will be crucial to an easier transition out of their game. Getting your head in the right position to succeed is the most important step in being able to run with the “how” of getting to your next career!


Kady and I share advice on how to make a successful career transition, how to be positioned for less of a steep dropoff that most athletes face when they leave their game, and how to leverage that athletic mindset into great value.

Oh, and let’s not forget, Kady started playing tennis at the age of 4 and never looked back!


You’ll really enjoy this episode, as you’ll hear about her growth within professional tennis, her adjustment and success off the court, and so much more! Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • 2:30 - intro 

  • 4:36- California born and raised 

  • 6:45- 7 years old and knew her talent 

  • 9:37- similar to a child star 

  • 11:45- tennis was the focus... something had to give 

  • 13:26- fitness training started young 

  • 14:07- going pro 

  • 15:55- the confidence wasn’t there 

  • 17:00- knowing it was time to hang up the racket 

  • 18:19- life after tennis 

  • 20:30- preparing for life after sport

  • 25:00- the transition/ teaching high schoolers math 

  • 26:55- the coaching hat didn’t come off even when not teaching

  • 28:15- the road after college 

  • 32:20- Kady’s coaching company 

  • 35:20- getting athletes back on their feet 

  • 37:21- the toughest teaching hurdle 

  • 38:48- the humble ones verses the egotistical 

  • 44:44- the importance of an call to action on a Linkedin post 

  • 46:42- hit your mark  


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