Helping athletes make the transition out of their sport and into their next career, whether starting a new business, or working for a company, is a core element of what I do.

This is why it brings a big smile to my face to find a kindred spirit in today’s Make Your Mark guest, Kathryn Ducey, as she is becoming one of Canada’s foremost experts in working with athletes, both current and retired.


Kathryn digs deep into her childhood and uses her experiences to drive progress with each athlete she works with,

helping them manage their minds within the worlds that they exist in, allowing them to get their perspective in a good space before moving towards the next step in their career. You will see throughout this episode that Kathryn is a warm, engaging, funny and smart as heck professional with hundreds of hours of speaking (and more importantly, listening) to athletes, their coaches, and family members. I really like her style and approach, and you will to!


We had a rollicking good time with this episode,

all the while dispensing some very important advice for all athletes, make sure to check it out!  

Happy Listening!

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:45

  • Founder of Higher Athletes - 4:35

  • Fill the Gap with Coaching - 5:10

  • Parents had Messy Stuff going on - 7:00

  • Dad was Controlling Every Move being made - 10:00

  • He took his Last Two Breaths and Died - 12:10

  • Nobody is Immune to Bad Thoughts - 14:10

  • Lied on My Resume - 15:00

  • Giving Athletes Confidence - 17:00

  • Athlete’s Advantages - 21:30

  • 5% Conscious, 95% Subconscious

  • Focus on Thoughtwork - 25:45

  • 60,000 Thoughts / day - 27:20

  • Teaching Amateurs to be Great - 29:00

  • Imposter Syndrome - 31:20

  • F-Up Night - 31:40

  • Coaching Athlete’s Minds - 37:40

  • Athletes Deny Retirement - 41:10

  • Taking Advantage of Down Time - 45:00

  • Lack of Empathy in the Corporate World - 46:30

  • Met with 150 Athletes over 100s of Hours - 50:00

  • Hit Your Mark - 51:30

  • Wrap Up - 56:10


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