The Big 5-0! And who better to be my 50th guest on the #MakeYourMark podcast than Kevin Dineen, NHL star player and head coach, Canadian women’s gold medal winning coach in 2014, and the list goes on and on.

I was thrilled to hear from him a few weeks ago as he had seen a couple of my how-to interview videos via the NHLCA, used my tips and strategies, and has just accepted the head coaching job with the San Diego Gulls, the AHL affiliate of the Anaheim Ducks! But will he trade in his skates for a surfboard?

I’m a big time hockey fan, and had the chance to dig deep into the sport with Kevin.

He shares great advice for up-and-coming hockey players, and tons of stories, including how he nearly punched out his brother when he was told he was drafted by the Hartford Whalers!


We could have gone on for hours, and we will over golf and dinner later this summer.

But you can get a head start on it all by sharing less than an hour with us, you’ll be glad you did!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode: 

Intro - 2:45

There’s a New Coach in Town! -  4:05  

Kevin’s Story - 7:04

Always on the Go - 10:45

Academics Vs. Athletics - 14:26

Future of Sports - 16:00

Being Drafted - 21:11

The Hartford Whalers - 22:00

Claim to Fame with the Whalers - 27:05

Canadian hockey- will do absolutely anything to win - 30:28

Time to Hang up the Skates - 33:33

Not an Easy Transition - 36:00

Portland, ME - 39:00

Involved with Women's Hockey - 41:36 

It was like Stepping on a Fast Moving Train - 44:12

The Coach does not get a Medal, It’s all about the Players! - 46:31

A New Chapter - 48:00

Prime Pieces of Advice from a Renowned Coach- 50:10

Coaching the American Hockey League - 55:20

What to do during the Downtime - 57:50

The Influence One Video can have - 61:00

Hit Your Mark - 61:04

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