Professional athletes are faced with countless decisions, both on and off the field, and many struggle with the weight of making the right choices.

My guest today, Lauren Walsh, is making a name for herself in a male-dominated industry, adding her secret sauce to directly help athletes with much of what happens off the field, especially regarding their branding, social impact, and how they are seen to the public.


We have all seen and read what happens to the reputations of some athletes when they are left unchecked and they unleash on social media, ruining their images and enormous earning potential.

Lauren urges athletes to start managing their brand as early as possible, controlling how they are viewed, and setting themselves up for decades of continued financial rewards.


Throughout my chat with Lauren, you will be impressed with how poised, confident and knowledgeable she truly is

within the branding and marketing space as it pertains to athletes,  We talk about the importance of sending the right message, how your sales pitch is virtually irrelevant as long as you produce results, and how she was even tasked with getting an NFL star blinds for his new apartment once he was traded, just a small example of her versatility! You’ll enjoy this episode, give it a listen!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:53

  • Building a Brand - 4:00

  • Mentoring Athletes at Purdue - 5:53

  • LW Branding is Born - 10:12

  • The First Big Moment for LW - 11:58

  • NBA Draft Pick is the First Client - 13:10

  • How LW Leveraged Her First Client 13:54

  • What the Expectations are of Your Agent 16:41

  • A Male Dominated Industry 18:54

  • The Weight of the Referral 20:38

  • Relationship Building 22:07

  • Build Your Brand Now 23:12

  • The Big Picture Guide 25:37

  • The Present and Future Clientele of LW 29:08

  • Guidelines of Social Media 32:00

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 33:00

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