My first reaction was - holy cow, I have a General on my #MakeYourMark podcast!

Even better was getting to know today’s guest, Major General Jeffrey Milhorn, Commanding General of the US Army Corps of Engineers for the Northeast, Europe and Africa. The MG brings 29 years of military experience to bear as he oversees a critical group of military and civilians! He is an avid environmentalist, and yes, an impressive surfer!


Jeff and I share a passion for helping veterans once they leave the service and make the often challenging transition into civilian life.

In this episode you will hear him not only describe the great work that the Army Corps of Engineers is doing, but also the importance of service to our country and how we need to educate and encourage men and women from all backgrounds on the far-reaching benefits of joining the military, and the 150+ functions and roles that can be pursued.


Make sure you give this one a listen - Jeff’s nearly 30 years of service to our country has truly made an indelible mark wherever he has served.

Not to mention his focus on partnering with Mother Nature to help save our environment through his work with the Army Corps of Engineers is inspiring!


 Some Topics we talk about in this episode: 

2:50 “You get less focused on yourself and start thinking, ‘how do I contribute to something much bigger than myself?’” [Initial interest in the military]

4:45 “I was kind of supplementing gas and pizza money on the side” [University of Florida and early military experience]

6:10 “You raise your right hand and pledge the oath to support and defend the Constitution of The United States and then you’re off and running” [Transitioning after graduation]

7:21 “Now, you’re not only responsible for yourself, but everyone else around you” [Challenges of a young leader]

9:38 “You’re constantly assessing people in terms of their ability to accomplish what they’ve been tasked to do” [Moving up the ranks]

10:35 “You still do have an opportunity to express your desire in terms of what you want to do”  [Individual freedom within the military]

12:58 “Bollywood to Hollywood, polar bears to penguins” [Being stationed in Hawaii]

15:03 “Everybody’s gotta give way together… if the majority do, and others don’t, you’re going to still have problems” [Capability of sustainability efforts]

19:15 “It is real, and just look at the last couple of years...” [Climate change and recent natural disasters]

26:50 “It’s really about meeting people wherever you go, and that’s what I enjoy most about what I’m doing” [Favorite military station]

28:56 “How do you protect them as they transition from your organization into the world again?”

[Life after the military]

35:18 “You see the opportunity to give back and thank this nation”

[Passion for military service]

42:29 Hit Your Mark

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