There are numerous athletes working on helping other athletes make that challenging transition from the game to their next career easier.

The catch is that most of them focus on motivation and old school tips that mean well, but are not effective. My guest today, Malcolm Lemmons, uses his experiences as a professional basketball player and entrepreneur to guide athletes to discovering their true purpose, and leveraging their skill set into a productive and fulfilling career.


Yes, Malcolm and I preach the very same messages from different perspectives,

and is a big reason why I wanted to have him on the Make Your Mark podcast and hear how he likes to deliver his message, how he takes what he picked up as an athlete and advises others about how to go through the same. His book “Lessons From The Game” lays out a variety of principles that everyone should read and repeat, and his humble personality truly helps deliver that guidance.


If you are an athlete at any point in your career, make sure to give this episode a listen

as both Malcolm and I deliver tips and strategies that will position you to be fully prepared once you leave the game.

Happy Listening!

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Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:45

  • Born and Raised in D.C. - 3:35

  • Sports as an Escape - 5:20

  • Stay Focused on Life’s Vision - 7:45

  • Car Crash Changes Perspective on Life - 8:50

  • Last Minute to Niagara University - 11:30

  • All American at Cal State - 14:45

  • Playing in Japan - 15:30

  • Lessons From The Game - 19:30

  • Getting past Setbacks - 21:00

  • Patience is Crucial in Life - 26:15

  • Understanding Your Identity - 28:50

  • Confidence Comes From Repetition - 31:50

  • The Importance of Structure - 33:00

  • Hit Your Mark - 34:00

  • Wrap-up - 39:00

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