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Wow, what a great way to start Season 2! I could have gone on for hours with my guest this week, Michaela Alexis!

You will be impressed with her story of transformation and success, from bartending in a new town, to running social media campaigns before anyone really knew what that meant, to becoming a LinkedIn influencer with over 130,000 followers! Best of all, she is going to #MakeYourMark in 2019 by continuing to show everyone how easy it is to use social media, especially LinkedIn, to dramatically grow their network and be seen and contacted by the key influencers and decision-makers that matter.


Michaela is a perfect example of someone who developed an expertise without realizing that she was truly becoming an expert -

within social media marketing. When you do something that nobody else can do as well, you are now an expert, and Michaela is staying ahead of the curve with her advice and guidance, and whether you are looking to bolster your career or grow your business, I urge you to listen to this episode and learn!

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We covered so much ground, and between the two of us, shared tons of advice and content that will be valuable to you.

Oh, mixed in were dog appearances and coffee mugs! What a great way to start Season 2!

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Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Intro- 1:00

  • She never thought she’d be doing what she does best-3:36

  • L.A. bound - 6:00

  • There’s got to be something more to life/ A HUGE turning point - 8:30

  • Being the only female in an all-male boardroom / having to justify being on the payroll - developing a thick skin- 12:20

  • Proving your worth / show them, don’t tell them- 14:30

  • You are an expert!  15:45

  • I found this incredible niche- 18:20

  • A meeting mentor- 20:17

  • Think video- 22:10

  • First published work / An ode to my mother in “Standing O” -24:45

  • First keynote speech- 29:45

  • Just Show Up-  32:16

  • Drop the Facade -37:00

  • LinkedIn is Key - 38:30

  • You have no idea the benefits LinkedIn has to offer- 45:00

  • Optimize that Network- 50:00

  • You can’t imagine the Connections You Will Make- 53:00

  • Crucial Company Page- 57:20  

  • New LinkedIn Features: - 63:26

  • Connect with Me -69:05

  • Hit Your Mark- 70:00

Happy listening!


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