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You will soon hear so much more about the new HBL, a league that will change the face of college basketball completely.

I had the chance to speak with co-founder Ricky Volante and 15-year NBA veteran David West at length in the new #MakeYourMark podcast about the new league that they have started, and it is turning heads big time! What?!! Paying college athletes to play their sport? That has been taboo….until now!


Ricky and his team have figured out the best way to pay college age athletes to play basketball in preparation for a career in the NBA,

at the same time offering them the ability to attend a college of their choice without having to be constrained by current NCAA rules. What they are proposing in the HBL can make all sides satisfied, and benefit the student-athletes and their families.


David lays out the basketball operations side of things, and Ricky describes how investors can be directly involved in operating the teams.


We cover almost everything you can think, and I challenge you to think of any holes that they may have missed. Jump onto the HBL bandwagon, it’s going to be a great ride!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:00

  • Ricky Volante - 1:25

  • David West - 3:00

  • Rookies Unprepared for the NBA - 5:40

  • What is the HBL? - 6:45

  • Options going into College Basketball - 8:00

  • HBL advantages - 8:36

  • The HBL game - 10:10

  • HBL Coaching - 12:00

  • NCAA can’t Control Students - 13:40

  • Recruiting Process - 16:20

  • HBL Season Structure - 18:00

  • Less Than 2% Go Pro - 22:00

  • Front Office Perspective - 23:30

  • In Support of Superteams - 27:15

  • List of 20 Potential Team Markets - 30:00

  • Expansion Plans - 32:30

  • Developing Your Own Identity - 33:30

  • Preparing for After Basketball - 35:00

  • Investor Operator - 38:00

  • HBL Foundation Initiatives - 40:00

  • From HBL to the NBA - 42:00

  • HBL Revenue Streams - 44:00

  • Digital Streaming - 46:00

  • International Players - 50:30

  • Another Choice for Young Athletes - 52:15

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 55:00

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