Having the guts to make a complete transition isn’t easy, and Rudy Reyes, host of The Rudedog Show radio show, can tell you all about it, and much more. And I really mean much more, as Rudy has recorded several hundred episodes, interviewing a wide array of sports and entertainment celebrities, including Jerome Bettis, Nadia Comaneci, Michael Phelps and Sinbad too!



Most of us do not realize the amount of time, energy, effort and real world education it takes to be in front of a camera or microphone, and how many things you need to have going through your brain along with what you are trying to say, all happening at once! What we hear and see is a polished finished product, and Rudy’s is very impressive, as you will see when you tune into his show!


In this episode you will learn from Rudy what it takes to get a truly successful radio show / podcast up and running smoothly, how networking is essential in getting top guests, and we share a ton of laughs throughout, including the lifestyle change from the shiny lights of LA to the early snow in Cheyenne. This episode will fly by, you’ll love it, including the Hit Your Mark segment. Happy Listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:52

  • How Rudy got Started with his Radio Show - 3:40

  • The Responsibilities of a Reporter - 7:00

  • DJ Voice - 8:58

  • Richard Nixon Impression - 11:15

  • Life in Cheyenne - 12:20

  • Recruiting Radio Show Guests - 17:50

  • Podcast / Radio Show Rewards - 21:20

  • Favorite Guest Lenny Dykstra - 22:40

  • When guests bring up the unexpected- 25:54

  • Making an impact on every episode - 32:15

  • Funniest athlete ever spoken to- 35:37

  • Don’t get discouraged by the word NO - 41:25

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways -

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