I’ve been a big fan of Front Office Sports and its newsletter almost since its debut, as it delivers daily content covering the convergence of sports and technology, along with other sports-related articles and excerpts.

I was happy to capture an hour for my #MakeYourMark podcast with Russ Wilde, the very busy COO of Front Office Sports, and schoolmate of founder Adam White.


What I appreciate about the strategy that Russ and Adam are following is how they are looking past the horizon, realizing that some of the big fish they are starting to catch now will only lead to a bigger bounty in the very near future.

Russ and I had a very lively chat, covering a variety of topics including the Kentucky Derby controversy, why millennials might continue to attend baseball games, and the dramatic growth of FOS.


At 26, Russ has a super bright future ahead of him, and the direction he’s helping steer Front Office Sports will impress you.

Give this a listen, you’ll see how natural of a guest Russ is! Happy Listening!



Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:50

  • College life and sports in Miami - 5:20

  • The Creation of Front Office Sports  - 9:58

  • Morning Brew style - 11:26

  • Kentucky Derby controversy - 13:36

  • Betting in sports! - 15.35

  • Brands diving in - 17:10

  • Streaming or Live sports? - 17:63

  • A smart way to save money - 21:10

  • It is not just about selling out! - 23:10

  • Crawling before you walk - 24:67

  • Two Passion Points: Sports and Business - 28:22

  • Sponsoring and Media Companies - 29:25

  • The Only Competition is Ourselves - 30:13

  • FOS Production - 32:54

  • Growing the audience - 33:41

  • Target Market - 35:30

  • Living your dream - 36.43

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 38:15

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