I was convinced that there must be 36 hours in a day for my guest on this week’s #MakeYourMark podcast, Santia Deck.

How could anyone pack so much into 24 hours? Santia not only is trying out for the US National Rugby Team, but also plays flag football, runs her own fitness company, is a fitness model, appears on TV shows, and oh, right, has 300,000 followers on Instagram.


So I was pleased when she was able to give me one of those 36 hours to record this episode!

You will truly be inspired by her story of overcoming the bullies, finding her confidence, becoming a collegiate track and field athlete, and trying out for the USA Rugby team, not necessarily by accident! She is the reigning Queen of Abs, and can show you how to transform your body right away! And Santia is only getting started!


Santia and I cover lots of ground, with advice on being a business owner, the power and responsibility of influencing others, and so much more,

Give this episode a good listen!



Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:45

  • What's keeping you busy right now? 3:45

  • Growing up in Houston 6:45

  • Publishing the First book 7:20

  • What's the book about? 9:00

  • Writing in High School: 10:00

  • Life after graduation 11:30

  • Queen of abs 12:35

  • Missing the national championship 14:10

  • Getting involved in Rugby 17:00

  • First time in Vegas for the tournament 22:15

  • Traveling around the world and exposing to different cultures 24:25

  • Social Media view internationally 26:40

  • Steve Austin's challenge 27:20

  • A message to teenagers 29:25

  • Traveling to Costa Rica 33:30

  • What is something that someone can do that would  be strengthening? 36:40

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways -37:50

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