Season 1 was One for the books!

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It’s been an amazing experience interviewing 24 fascinating and compelling people over the past four months, hearing stories of courage, giving, athleticism, and humor all mixed together.  

Speaking with them has allowed me to grow in so many different ways, and we have managed to provide you, the listener, with so much advice, insight, tips and strategies that will allow you to succeed in your life, career and business!


Thanks to everyone who participated,

including my podcast guru and overseer of the behind the scenes stuff, Bryant Urich. He truly is a podcast expert, and you need to look him up and work with him to launch your own podcast. Everything that you see being done creatively happens as a result of the tremendous efforts of my right hand superstar, Kalli Scherlis, helping turn what may have been some rough edges during the earliest episodes into some amazing production work on the episodes you listen to now. We will also soon be releasing several episodes via video on YouTube in early 2019, keep an eye out for those!


I’m excited to launch Season Two with Michaela Alexis, LinkedIn Influencer, 130,000 followers, and creator of top level content for all to see.

She is an expert in all that is Linkedin, helping you take your network and content to a whole new level. You’ll never look at a coffee mug the same again!

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Thanks again to all of you who have supported me throughout, and please enjoy this episode...a look back at Season One, a preview of the Michaela episode, and a rebroadcast of Episode 1 with Theo Fleury, one of the most compelling interviews of all!

Happy Listening!

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