Reaching the pinnacle in your sport or profession is an amazing achievement, but to do it in two separate ones is truly remarkable!

How many former NFL athletes do YOU know who also happen to be internationally acclaimed opera singers? Well, until today, likely none. Here’s your chance to hear the incredible story of my guest today, Ta’u Pupu’a, on the Make Your Mark podcast. You will hear about the challenges, hurdles, and ultimately, successes that Ta’u went through to be where he is today.

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It took a full year of being depressed and without direction for him to answer the calling of being a singer, and taking a giant leap of faith towards NYC.

If you’ve been following this podcast, you know that a common thread throughout is the story of the transition from either the playing field, court, rink, or even battlefield into a venture creating a lasting and positive impact, and Ta’u fits perfectly into that mold.


Ta’u is such a positive guy, with commitment, drive, perseverance all rolled up into a 6’5” body that can belt out an aria with the best of them.

You will be inspired by the his determination to succeed on two big stages, performing at the top of his game, and leaving any doubters behind. Happy listening!


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:40

  • The Move to America - 3:50

  • A Football Star on the Rise - 5:35

  • I just had to show up and Deliver - 8:25

  • 6’5”, 290 lb and Killing it - 9:30

  • Polynesian Pioneers - 12:10

  • A Different Kind of Treatment - 14:15

  • Behind the Curtain - 15:25

  • The Baltimore Ravens - 18:45

  • A Serious Injury - 20:00

  • A Life-Changing Decision - 20:30

  • One Suitcase and I was On My Way to New York. - 24:25

  • Hustling in the City - 25:25

  • You Learn By Watching - 26:30

  • Strong Ties Between Opera and Football - 28:30

  • Breaking The Mold - 31:00

  • What it Takes to be an Incredible Opera Singer - 34:25

  • “You have a God-given talent.” - 36:45

  • Amazing Benefits of being Bilingual - 40:00

  • For Me I’m just Ta’u from Tonga - 43:15

  • Our Body is our Instrument - 44:25

  • When Injuries Hit You in the NFL, It’s a “Tough Luck”Type of Deal - 48:30

  • Hit Your Mark - 54:10

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