Today's guest has had an incredible story of success followed by a precipitous fall and subsequent reinvention into one of the world's foremost experts on trauma, mental health and addiction.

Theo Fleury was a seven time NHL All Star, scoring nearly 1100 points in his career, and winning an Olympic gold medal. However, throughout his career, he carried a dark secret that led to occasional violent and erratic behavior. These explosive demonstrations of his inner pain eventually resulted in his expulsion from the NHL. Fast forward nearly 15 years later, Theo has risen above his pain, and helped countless thousands of people face their own battles and emerge victorious!

During this episode, Theo brings his story to life, sharing the pain that impacted his life and career so greatly.

From a troubled childhood, to trauma suffered at the hands of trusted coach, Theo gives context to the events that led to the aggressive actions, and addiction that marked the end of his hockey career.


Theo and Mark discuss the importance of community, connection, and engaging others individually to help make a lasting impact.

Now a personal coach, Theo shares his personal views on pursuing ongoing transformation both individually, and as a contribution to community and one’s circle of influence.


Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:54

  • Theo’s Current Work - 4:25

  • The Importance of Developing Relationships During Sports Career - 8:30

  • The Freedom of Finding Your Voice and Sharing Your Story - 13:30

  • Theo’s Story -  22:00

  • Using Social Media as an Effective Platform - 33:00

  • Engaging One-on-One to Spread Your Message - 41:30

  • How to Connect with Theo - 46:30

  • Wrap-up and Takeaways -  49:50


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