Mark’s tips will benefit you not just now but for years to come. Make sure this is the next book you read!
— Theo Fleury, NHL All-Star and Olympian
“After over a decade of training and competing, I retired from sport in 2004 as an Olympian in rowing. Like many athletes, I found the transition into the working world to be quite challenging. I wish I had this book back then, as WIN AGAIN is the ultimate playbook for athletes who aspire to be as successful in business as they were in sport. Mark’s insightful methodology demystifies the process and makes it easy for any athlete to approach what is typically the very difficult transition from sport to career. Mark provides an easy to follow roadmap for helping athletes translate the characteristics that made them successful on the field to those that will make them successful in business. WIN AGAIN is a must read for all athletes at every stage of their careers.”
— Garrett Klugh
“After their sporting careers, all athletes, whether high school, college, Olympic or pro have a challenge
transitioning from playing their sport to “real” life. Finding a job, a career or a business that satisfies them as much as sports did. Unfortunately most athletes have bought into the “dumb jock” stereotype and don’t realize that the character traits that helped them excel on the field are exactly the character traits that make a great employee or business owner -
resilience, hard work, perseverance, coachability, positive attitude, etc.
Business owners and corporate bosses understand that it’s better to hire for attitude and train people later than just find someone who can do the job and try to fix their attitude later.
That said, ‘WIN AGAIN!’ is a terrific resource for athletes because it’s a playbook that shows athletes their value and is filled with great tips and strategies that will help them find the right position and then get hired.
As a four-time Olympian I understand the importance of following a coach or mentor who has actually done what they teach. Someone who has fruit on the trees.

’WIN AGAIN!’ is not written by a theorist. It’s written by Mark Moyer, a career coaching and business growth expert with 25 years’ experience in helping athletes transition from the locker room to the board room.
Here’s just a few of the subjects covered in ‘WIN AGAIN!’:

Managing Your Mindset
Setting the Bar High
Playing to Your Strengths
Defining Your Ideal Job
Unleashing the Power of LinkedIn
Creating a Value Proposition
Growing Your Network
Job Interview Strategies
Turning Contacts into Connections
Marketing Yourself Like a Pro
and much much more.

Whether you are an athlete looking for your dream job or a coach or the parents of an athlete, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of ‘WIN AGAIN!’, or even better, hire him directly to make a lasting impact on you!”
— Ruben Gonzalez - Olympian, Author, Speaker
Win Again! is a must read for anyone making a career transition. Mark is direct and to the point and provides strategies that cut through the clutter, create meaningful connections and are relevant to the current job search environment. The advice in the book is applicable not only to athletes but to any executive making a transition. The tips and strategies in Win Again! were instrumental in my successful transition to my current role.
— Peter D’Andrea
“I found Mark’s book to be the best job search resource I have read, not just for athletes but also for professionals already in the business world. He takes you on a journey of self-awareness, offering practical and relevant advice for all career changers looking take control of their careers.”
— George Katsch
“WIN AGAIN! is a “must read” for any transitioning athlete! Whether you are coming out of high school, college, or the pro’s, Mark’s principles will guide you through a smooth transition into the business community. If you are truly committed to “upping your game”, don’t wait another second.....grab this book and be a champion.......again!”
— Scott Manthorne
WIN AGAIN is outstanding. I read it in one day. It is clear, concise and compelling, and critical to anyone considering the next steps in the their career. I’m giving the book to my daughter who is a Div. I student/athlete. It is a must reach for her as she thinks of her future. Thank you for such a useful book.
— Peter Ban
WIN AGAIN! is a wonderful add to the field of athlete career coaching! The content provides practical, realistic advice for all athletes who may be in the thick of a job search or beginning one. It is refreshing to have a book that is cleverly designed and incorporates sport acumen throughout, making it easy for athletes to connect to the content. I highly recommend this book to all athletes!
— Dani Manning
“WIN AGAIN!’ is a must read for all athletes (pro or college). Mark’s experience as a career coach as well as working with current and former athletes helps him to highlight key emotions players face when leaving the game. The reality of all sports careers is that no matter how much money you make you’ll want to have a second career. Mark lays out in detail how to market yourself in a modern age, how to build a network, and how to turn your secondary passions and interests into jobs. I recently retired after an 11 year career as a professional hockey player and Mark’s book couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s definitely a playbook for success whether you are prepared or not. Easy read for the bus or plane...
— Jon Landry
“I just finished reading “WIN AGAIN,” and I am amazed at the amount of “meat” packed into the 160 pages of copy. Don’t let the “Athletic Excellence” subtitle fool you— this book is not just geared for athletes (trust me— I don’t know a home run from a touchdown). If you’re just out of college and venturing into the work force, or an employee wanting to make a job change, or are self-employed and want to grow/expand your business, this book will give you all the tools you need to make it happen! While I have a LinkedIn account, I never realized how powerful of a tool it is and how I am completely under-utilizing it. Mark’s tips on networking and how to reach out to prospects (“Don’t ask for help; ask for advice”)— down to how to word our introductions— are invaluable. Reading this book is like having Mark right behind you, cheering you on and not letting you slack off. “WIN AGAIN” should be required reading for all college grads. Parents, take note!”
— Myriam Mourani
“This is an excellent tool for people changing industries or careers. Most of the literature available in the market is focused on basic advice about building resumes or interviewing techniques, perhaps for recent graduates. I found this book unique in the way that it encourages you to make changes in your career if you are a professional athlete or not, I am a lawyer, and quite bad in sports...
I particularly enjoyed how the author takes you on a journey to learn networking with LinkedIn step by step. I was initially hesitant of Moyer’s method, but I was overwhelmed with the positive and immediate impact that “WIN AGAIN” had on my career!”
— Daniel Sarmiento
“I finished WIN AGAIN and loved it! The resources that Mark shared about finding opportunities, following up, LinkedIn and negotiating offers really resonated with me. It wasn’t easy finding my way after retiring from the Olympics, and having this as a job search tool will only help going forward for the rest of my career.”
— Keeth Smart
“This pragmatic and succinct book is not just for athletes! Anyone who is exploring career options will benefit from reading ‘WIN AGAIN”. Mr. Moyer walks you through steps to help identify those skills that have led to successes in your life and how to leverage those skills to find a rewarding career that brings you personal fulfillment and happiness. The book is chock full of good advice regarding networking, the effective use of LinkedIn, resume writing guidance, interviewing tips, and advice on closing the deal. A must read for anyone thinking about the next step in their career.”
— Doug Frankel
“I loved Win Again! It helped me think about the job I was in — could I create something more rewarding in my own organization — and it gave me the tools to understand what I might do elsewhere. The book offers practical tips for the most critical parts of finding your dream job. Mark helps you understand what you really want to do and what you’re good at, and then how to get that job. He helps you with THE key tool in networking today — LinkedIn. And it’s networking that’s going to get you that new position — not answering job postings. Win Again! shows you the easy and powerful tools and opportunities that are out there to network, and gives you detailed guidance on what to do. Then, when you’re ready to close the deal, Mark gives you practical advice on that too.”
— Matthew Bernstein
…it doesn’t matter if you are a former athlete, experienced executive, or a recent college graduate, if you are looking for a new career … WIN AGAIN gives you a strategy and purpose…. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for impactful and truly effective career advice and coaching.
— Greg Johnson, NHL and Olympian
If you want to have the edge when competing for your next great position, this is the resource to go to, and Mark is just the guy to deliver it.
— Michael Moriarty, MLB Player, Coach and Scout
Mark, thanks for writing a resource that I can use repeatedly with the players and coaches that I support both within and outside the NBA.
— Stephen Eriksen, Director of Players Programs / Engagement, Adonal Foyle Enterprises
“WIN AGAIN is a great resource not only for me, but for the hundreds of athletes who I’m providing much of Mark’s career advice to through my VIKTRE and NexGoal websites. Mark truly understands what is required to get an athlete up off the couch and into the office, and delivers his tips in an easy step-by-step way that we can all absorb and use immediately. I not only recommend that my athlete clients read WIN AGAIN, but urge you to read it too, it will definitely jumpstart your career!”
— Kevin Dahl, NHL and Olympian
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Win Again!

A wonderful add to the field of athlete career coaching! The content provides practical, realistic advice for all athletes who may be in the thick of a job search or beginning one. It is refreshing to have a book that is cleverly designed and incorporates sport acumen throughout, making it easy for athletes to connect to the content. I highly recommend this book to all athletes!”
— John- Kindle Customer