Mark’s tips will benefit you not just now but for years to come. Make sure this is the next book you read!
— Theo Fleury, NHL All-Star and Olympian
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Turn athletic excellence into business success

As you pushed past boundaries day in and day out, excelling in your chosen sport, you believed you were doing what you were born to do. Athletes, however, have brief careers. What comes next? Fortunately, the skills, the work ethic, and the competitive mind-set you cultivated as an athlete will serve you well in the corporate world—if someone shows you the way.

With my proven playbook, you’ll discover how to define your ideal job and work toward it. You’ll turn strangers into allies and grow your network as you position yourself for interviews, negotiate offers, and anticipate your prospective employer’s needs. It’s the basis for my one-on-one business and career coaching, and now it’s also yours to absorb in my new book, WIN AGAIN. And while created for athletes, the tips inside WIN AGAIN work for all who have a competitive spirit. Learn more about how I can help athletes like you.

…it doesn’t matter if you are a former athlete, experienced executive, or a recent college graduate, if you are looking for a new career … WIN AGAIN gives you a strategy and purpose…. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for impactful and truly effective career advice and coaching.
— Greg Johnson, NHL and Olympian
If you want to have the edge when competing for your next great position, this is the resource to go to, and Mark is just the guy to deliver it.
— Michael Moriarty, MLB Player, Coach and Scout
I finished WIN AGAIN and loved it! The resources that Mark shared about finding opportunities, following up, LinkedIn and negotiating offers really resonated with me. It wasn’t easy finding my way after retiring from the Olympics, and having this as a job search tool will only help going forward for the rest of my career. Thanks, Mark!
— Keeth Smart, Olympic Silver Medalist, Fencing and Co-Founder / COO, Physiclo
Mark, thanks for writing a resource that I can use repeatedly with the players and coaches that I support both within and outside the NBA.
— Stephen Eriksen, Director of Players Programs / Engagement, Adonal Foyle Enterprises
Mark … delivers his tips in an easy step-by-step way that we can all absorb and use immediately. I not only recommend that my athlete clients read WIN AGAIN, but urge you to read it too. It will definitely jumpstart your career!
— Kevin Dahl, NHL and Olympian