HEAT UP Your Job Search Now!

I’ve written about this in the past and continue to remind my clients…there is no greater time like the present when it comes to your job search. I am sure you’ve heard this phrase before, but it’s one worth repeating. When you’re on a hunt for a new job, you can’t take breaks or turn off the momentum — especially during the holidays, summer months or vacations you’ve planned for yourself. Despite thinking, “well, what if hiring managers aren’t in town?” or “what if people aren’t focused on hiring because of the slow season?”…you have to remain diligent. Now is the best time, all the time.

Summer can be a complicated time for many job seekers, but it doesn’t have to be. For many of you, days at the office can be slower, the urge to hit happy hour increases, and some of your colleagues or LinkedIn connections are on PTO (at least that’s what their automatic email reply is indicating). You’ve FINALLY got the time, but they don’t, and it’s putting a dent in your job search. At least that’s what it seems.

Don’t be discouraged, now is the perfect time to strike. Let me explain. While your schedule may have freed up a bit during the day, chances are those you are looking to connect with are finding more time in their schedule as well. Vacations will come and go, but for the most part people are in the office and they’re reading through many more of their emails than usual. Now is the time to send them one, or even better, pick up the phone and call them. Let them know that the hot weather warrants an iced coffee chat on you. Show them that you aren’t letting the vacation vibes dictate your motivation to learn more about what they do.

Another great thing to remember: your competition is probably shutting down efforts early in the afternoon and making way for that pool float. Meaning, your chances of grabbing your connection’s attention is HIGH. By the time your competition’s tan has worn off, you’ll have forged new relationships and put yourself at the top of the list for hiring.

Not only will you have a leg up on those sipping summertime margaritas, you’ll also have laid the foundation for the busy hiring season. Ok, so you may not land the job you want now, but you’ve created a working relationship with a handful of key influencers or hiring managers at the place you want to work at. When the time is right and they are under pressure to quickly fill a spot, they’ll be thinking of you. The pressure to get the right person will be quickly forgotten because you’ll be right there reminding them of how impressed they were with you during the slow, summer months.

It may be summer, or a time where you want to take your own holiday from the search, but the time to make moves IS NOW. Make those conversations happen and let people know who you are and why they should hire you. Now get out there and make those connections! 

>>> A quick word or two about me…over the past two decades, I’ve provided career coaching and professional development advice to hundreds of professionals just like you, and have succeeded in guiding them towards the jobs and careers they most desire. Through social media like LinkedIn, I’m happy to share many of those tips and strategies that have landed these people the jobs they have always wanted.

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